The Unger Family

I had such a blast taking pictures for the Unger's this week. Their three kids are so cute, and were so funny! I know it was more work for mommy and daddy, than it was for me! Justin and Falon are such a special couple to Randy and I. Justin is our worship pastor at our church, the Heights. His music, especially their lullaby cd, "To Know You Love Me," has really ministered to us, through some really sad moments this year. Thank you so much! I hope they love their Christmas pictures!


Cutie Pie

Just wanted to add a few pics of these little cutie pie's, Ariel and Aaron. It was so much fun taking pictures of them!


Welcome Razzle and Dazzle!

There is nothing more special than witnessing the birth of a baby! On October 27, I got to be a part of the birth, of my precious friend Dena's twin girls! They are beautiful and perfect! Praise the Lord! Their adorable big brother Jett, named them Razzle and Dazzle. Don't think Dena and Mike will be committing to these names! :)


Welcome Baby Emily!

Just a sneak peek at baby Emily Elizabeth Swager! Isn't she adorable?


Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday from SuperMan!!!!!!!!


Dena+ Twins

My dear friend Dena is expeting twin girls this November, which I am so excited for her! Dena has been experiencing some pre term labor, and has been on bedrest, so these pictures were taken with her resting, so those babies can hang on, just a little longer. Of course, we had to get a few shots with her adorable little boy, Jett, soon to be big brother! Enjoy Dena! God bless you!


Fun In Brianhead

Hi there, just wanted to share a few pics from our vacation to Brianhead Utah! This was such a needed getaway trip for us. As many of you know, how hard our last few months have been. We also had the joy of celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary! I can't believe, we have been married for 8 years now. I love Randy today, as much as I did 8 years ago, and am so incredibly blessed by him choosing to marry me!


Missing Daisy

So, last weekend my in-laws came to town for a visit, and we sent Daisy home with them, for a little summer camp, so we can get away to Utah for the week. Little did I know, just how much our son Jared, would miss her. Every night he asks for her before falling to sleep. We try to satisfy him with a picture of her, but then again first thing in the morning he asks, and pretty much all day! It breaks my heart! Sorry Jared, she truly is your best friend!


Fresh Inspring Colors

Love these fresh colors for summer! Thanks to ACreativeMint.

Beachy Wreath

Since moving out of California, there have been things that I miss immensely. First most; family, and second; the beach! Though, I don't live near the beach, I can still have fun with the elements, and pretend I do. I figured, I would snap a picture, before the birds make too bad of a nest of this wreath! :)


Style For Your Life

I found this great blog from my favorite photog site Momtog. I look forward to seeing her ideas for styles for clothing and for home! So fun!


Happy Independence Day America!

Happy Independence Day America! Land that I love! 
Today, we are so greatful to live in this great country!
Freedom to worship! Freedom to choose our government! Freedom for men and women to equally be educated! Freedom to live, laugh, and love!