Welcome Alister Cole: Sneak Peek

Meagan and Nathan Roland welcomed little Alister Cole, into their family last week. I was so delighted to photograph this little blessing.
You probably remember Meagan's maternity shoot from a few months ago. She was anxiously waiting this little darling's arrival. His due date was actually on Valentine's Day, but Alister held out to make them both wait just a little longer. We photographed Alister in his new home in Prescott Valley. The weather has been so chilly, that keeping this little guy sleepy, was one tough task for his mommy. She did wonderfully! Congratulations Meagan and Nate! Alister is beautifully and wonderfully made!


Audrey and Lorin: Engagement Shoot

Audrey and Lorin met at one of Lorin's "gigs" and totally hit it off. They are now engaged to be married this June. It was only fitting that Lorin would "rock it" at their engagement session! He did! 
This was a perfect afternoon in Skull Valley Arizona. Let's see, what could be more fun than train tracks, with a train that really came? Yes, this scared me bad, but they weren't phased! Audrey and Lorin still carried on with their private jam picnic session!

The shoot ended as the sun was setting, and we were at the old "Skull Valley Garage." I am so excited to be photographing their wedding this June, at the Sharlot Hall Museum.


Veronica and Dave: Engagement Shoot

I am so thrilled and honored to be photographing Veronica and Dave's wedding this spring. When I first met Veronica, she shared with me their sweet love story. For this,  I will refer to it as, "the way he moved her leaf." 
Last weekend, we met at Dave's property to shoot their engagement session. His property is truly a photographer's dream location, featuring old stables, corals, pile postings and such. Over the next few weeks, they will begin demolition on some of the old structures to start building their future home together. The weather was cold, gray, and windy, but the beauty of their love expressed much warmth. Dave is a Police Officer, with K-9 Unit. K-9 officer "Ike" was able to join us for some photo's too.


It's the Little Things.......

It's the little things that can be the most difficult, like adding a watermark to my photos. No longer is this true. Yes, do you see? That is a watermark. Uh ha! Thank you Art 137!
It really is an easy task, and wasn't so daunting after all!