Bambino or Bambina?

Bambino or Bambina? This is the burning question on our minds! With only a few weeks left to go, we are so excited to meet this little one! This pregnancy has been wonderful, so different than it was with my son though! Jared was much more active in the womb, but this baby has the hiccups about 3 times per day. When I was pregnant with Jared, I could do anything, and not be tired. This has been a whole new world, considering I have been limping or I guess you could say "waddling" since I was 5 months along!
I have to once again thank the wonderfully talented Melissa Gartner, for taking these awesome shots! www.gartnerphotography.com She and her hubby Matt, were visiting Phoenix, for church ministry, and came up for the afternoon. We headed down the road, for a quick belly shoot!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!