I Am Officially a Student Again....WHAT?

Yes, this is true. I feel like a school girl again, giddy and even a little nervous for my first day back to school! Should I sing that song, " Back to School," like Billy Madison sang before he was sent back to kindergarten? Hmmm.... Okay, well I am not, even though it is humming through my brain. I have been out of school since I became a Registered Nurse, but now I am just going for fun, to grow in my knowledge of the ever so illusive PHOTOSHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course, what would be a post without a picture? These little darlings' are Lia and Jake Baumann. I photographed their family the week before Christmas, on the worst day for weather. We canceled this shoot the day before, and even this day, we met up, and it rained, canceled and then met up again! WHEW!!!!!!!
Anyways, I better get to bed, and pack my lunch (not)................ No, just get my hubby's and kids' things prepared for tomorrow! Sweet Dreams!


Meagan and Nathan Roland: Maternity Shoot

Meagan and Nathan are expecting a little boy this Valentine's Day! When Meagan contacted me about photographing her darling bump, she requested that we shoot at the Dells. Meagan really wanted to capture this memory of Prescott. Nathan is in the Air Force, and is currently going to school at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, but will be transferred late spring to Florida.

Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of capturing your beautiful bump. I can't wait to meet and photograph little Allister.


Oh, Where Does the Time Go?

Sometimes I wonder, just where does the time go? I had every intention of taking pictures of Brooke when she turned six months, but she is now seven months, and this is the first chance I have had. The last few months were incredibly busy. I found myself so blessed to be able to take photos for many families this year, but at times, the last thing I wanted to do was take pictures of my own. 
This shoot was seriously a five minute, quick one. I was trying to prevent her from falling off the chair, while trying to compose the portraits, while trying to dodge her big brother, who was running back in forth in front of my view. HMMM, maybe this is why I don't take many pictures of my children. If only I had an extra hand, and a few more hours in the day. Do other mothers' feel this way?
Anyways, Brooke is the sweetest most content baby. I thank the Lord for His good works, when he created her. This time last year, I was praying that my body would hold her inside, and that this child would be born, in due time. I carried much fear after losing two previous babies. I am so so thankful for this precious child, and I pray everyday, that she would grow to love the Lord, and serve Him with her whole heart.

 Thanks to my most adorable hubby, and his love for good garage sales, that he picked up for me      this fun chair for $6.00. Can't beat that! He comes home with such fun stuff. It's one of his and Jared's favorite things to do on any given Saturday!