The LaFortune Family

A few weeks before Christmas, Randy and I visited family in California. While we were there, I was fortunate to photograph the LaFortune family at the Downtown Orange Circle. Aaron and Aun are dear friends' to my brother and sister in law. They have three beautiful boys, Josiah, Joshua and Cohen. Here's a little sneak peek from our shoot!


The Unger Family Welcome Baby Elijah

Falon and Justin Unger welcomed Elijah into their beautiful family on December 01, 2010. We had been praying for our dear friends, and the safe arrival of this little guy!
Elijah was eight days old, when we shot this, and he was the perfect sleepy baby, despite the chilly conditions! 

           Congratulations Falon and Justin! May God bless his life, and your family! We love you!


Baby Elijah Unger, Sneak Peek

I just wanted to post a sneak peek of adorable Elijah Justin Unger. More to come of this handsome fellow, when I get back from vacation!


The Costes Family

There are some families, where their love for one another is so evident! The Costes family was one of those families. Their sweet love and care for each other, was so fun to witness, and was so easy to capture for me! The Costes family is also GORGEOUS! Take a peek at Leslie, Mark and there three boys Bryce, Brendan and Brady! 
                                  Leslie and Mark have such a sweet affectionate relationship!