One Happy Boy

Jared you are one happy, energetic boy! I can't imagine my life without you, and am so excited for you to become an older brother!
I look forward to every morning, being woken up, by your hugs and kisses! And your " I love you mommy!" When we ask you, how you slept you say, "Pretty good!"
You love to pray! Your prayer is," Thank you Jesus............and my body.....................and daddy...............and mommy..Amen!"
You have such a sensitive heart to others, and when others get hurt, you say "OHHH!" with the sweetest, most concerned tone in your voice!
You are so handy, just like you daddy! And are always working on something!
I love you Jared!



With 3 1/2 weeks until the arrival of our baby, I have been nesting like crazy! You would think I would be fixing up the baby's room, but no I am not! Since we didn't find out the sex of the baby, I am kind of leaving the room as it was, and adding a "birdie" theme to it!
I have been instead wanting to make all kinds of fun projects for our home, and have commissioned my darling husband to help with these things. Of course, I have been horrible about taking pictures of any of these finished projects, but thought I would take a few of the Mother's day wreaths I made! I have a blog that I love, Tatertots and Jello, and she had posted pics of an adorable wreath similar to these, which I followed her tutorial on how to make! Since I made three of them, I have had burlap, coming out of my ears. And by the way, burlap is very messy and itchy too! Each wreath I made a little different, since they were for my mom, sister in law, and myself. I chose my mom's to say, "welcome, " my sister's to say "family," and mine to say "bless."
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