One Happy Boy

Jared you are one happy, energetic boy! I can't imagine my life without you, and am so excited for you to become an older brother!
I look forward to every morning, being woken up, by your hugs and kisses! And your " I love you mommy!" When we ask you, how you slept you say, "Pretty good!"
You love to pray! Your prayer is," Thank you Jesus............and my body.....................and daddy...............and mommy..Amen!"
You have such a sensitive heart to others, and when others get hurt, you say "OHHH!" with the sweetest, most concerned tone in your voice!
You are so handy, just like you daddy! And are always working on something!
I love you Jared!


  1. Hello Lauren, I don't know if you remember me, I am Rose the owner of Cassies Corner, I happened to come accross your website by accident, I was looking at some of the pictures of Nyla Ds salon, I am friends with audrey one of the employees of the salons and saw your amazing pictures, awesome and then I was looking further and realized who the photographer was, I saw the picture of you and your family and remembered your adorable little boy, and I see your having another baby or had one already. congratulations. You are surly blessed and deserve so you and your family were always so good to us. I miss my store very much, we live in Calif now and are slowly recovering from our losses.. I pray all is well with you and your family and wish you Gods blessings.

  2. Hi Rose, so sweet to hear from you! Of course we remember you, and our son loved seeing you almost every week! Thank you for your kind words, and I too will be praying for you! You and your business were a blessing to our community, and how we miss you! If you are ever here for a visit, we would love to have you come for dinner! God bless you Rose!