A Sweet Moment

I have been working on editing photos from this shoot with the Dandos family, and stumbled upon this photo, of big sister Dempsey hugging her younger sister Delaney, and both admiring their parents.  I love moments like these!


The Amstutz Family

There are some families that are more shy than others, and some children that I really have to chase around to take a picture of them. This was not the case with the Amstutz boys. Zachary, Jacob and Joshua stepped out of their car, excited to have their pictures taken. At times, they really wanted to show me their ninja moves too, and were actually saying "take a picture of me." The Amstutz family was definitely fun and super sweet. Below, are a few pictures from our time together.


The Unger Family in Laguna Beach

Our dear friends, the Unger family, were visiting California during the same time that we were, and had wanted to have pictures taken of their family at the beach, so we decided to meet in Laguna. This was such a warm warm day, with not a cloud in the sky, and intense sunshine.