Lucy Rae: Newborn Shoot

Last month I was blessed to be able to capture the birth of Lucy Rae Golleher. Her parents' had asked me a few months earlier, to be on call, as we all eagerly awaited her birth. It was such an amazing experience for me, and I will be forever specially connected to this little girl.
Lucy was three weeks old when we shot these pictures. The weather had been very rainy all week and even a little chilly. She was perfectly content swaddled tight. I was able to capture her with beautiful rays of sunshine shining through, which I found to be so perfect for her name, Lucy Rae.


  1. Lauren...these photos are so so beautiful... In my opinion the newborn shots are just so pure and sweet that nothing can top them. But then again, the "joy" in a childs face..or the "love" in a couples eyes...are had to beat too...!!! You have really developed such a great business...I am totally envious, and wish I had the drive and the time to get started. In the meantime...I am very proud of you..and love what you are doing....All my love ...Suzi

  2. Ohhh I am so totally addicted to my family...Thank you Lauren for this beautiful view of my family.

    God has amazingly gifted you!!