Missing Daisy

So, last weekend my in-laws came to town for a visit, and we sent Daisy home with them, for a little summer camp, so we can get away to Utah for the week. Little did I know, just how much our son Jared, would miss her. Every night he asks for her before falling to sleep. We try to satisfy him with a picture of her, but then again first thing in the morning he asks, and pretty much all day! It breaks my heart! Sorry Jared, she truly is your best friend!


Fresh Inspring Colors

Love these fresh colors for summer! Thanks to ACreativeMint.

Beachy Wreath

Since moving out of California, there have been things that I miss immensely. First most; family, and second; the beach! Though, I don't live near the beach, I can still have fun with the elements, and pretend I do. I figured, I would snap a picture, before the birds make too bad of a nest of this wreath! :)


Style For Your Life

I found this great blog from my favorite photog site Momtog. I look forward to seeing her ideas for styles for clothing and for home! So fun!


Happy Independence Day America!

Happy Independence Day America! Land that I love! 
Today, we are so greatful to live in this great country!
Freedom to worship! Freedom to choose our government! Freedom for men and women to equally be educated! Freedom to live, laugh, and love!

A Little Sunshine and the Hartman's

Hi there. This is my first visit to the blogging world, so I guess you can call me a newbie! Please bear with me! :) Yesterday, I had the privilege of shooting a dear family to me. The Hartman's are so sweet so fun, and are blessed with a beautiful little girl Montana. Montana was diagnosed with Eosinophil Gastroenteritis (that's a mouthful) about 6 months ago. This is a very rare condition, and Doctor's are just beginning to learn more about it. From what we know, it is a disease that disrupts the intestines and stomach, caused from severe food allergies. Montana is fed by a feeding tube only, with special formula. The only thing she is allowed to eat is ICE! They are also doing a food trial right now with bananas.
 What an incredible family they are! Chris is an amazing mom to Montana. She is always such an encouragement with the amount of energy she has, despite her late night tube feeds and constant phone conversations with Doctor's and specialists! I love you guys!