The Love of Jesus=The Wiggins Family

Yesterday, I had the privilege of photographing our pastor's family! They are such an adorable, loving and humble family, that we are so blessed to know and call friends! When Randy and I moved to Prescott in 2005, one of our greatest concerns was finding a church that we could call home. After about a week in our new house, a beautiful woman showed up at our front door with homemade cinnamon rolls for us. YUM!!!!! And the following week, this same beauty showed up once again, inviting us to her home for dessert! Well, that beauty was Anne, our pastor's (Pastor H. Lee Wiggins) wife. They invited us to The Heights Church, and we have been a part of this church family ever since!


  1. Oh, Lauren! You are amazing! The best photographer ever. Thank you so much for doing these for us. They turned out so well DESPITE stormy conditions. I don't know how you did it with all that wind and darkness! Thank you again.

  2. Lauren Lovely photos. The first one is my favorite!! Every time you get better and better. Love ya!