Happy New Year!!

Hello lovely! I sincerely hope you had such a wonderful Christmas and New Year with those that you love! I am not the type to make a New Year's Resolution, because I don't believe in them, but this year I do have many aspirations, and fun things planned. Two things have really been on my heart; take more pictures, and read my Bible daily. Yes, that's right "take more pictures." Not posed pictures or paid shoots, but just ordinary everyday kind of life pictures. I have actually joined two different "52" groups to help keep myself accountable to this. My second thought is spending more time in God's word. Reading my Bible everyday. I just want to open it, and read without any plans, but to to truly allow God's word to inspire me. What are your plans for the new year? 
Of course what would be a post without a picture to go with it?  Here's a sneak peek from the engagement shoot of Randy and Nicole. I have been working on their pictures, and will be posting more soon!

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