The Medina Family

Meet the darling Medina Family! I met Jennifer a few years ago, and reconnected recently. She asked me to photograph her family at her childhood home. To make things even more special; she and her hubby Cadu, were married in this same backyard! Jennifer and Cadu now have two beautiful children, Kai(three)  and Bebel(seventeen months).
How fitting is this! I really didn't know what to expect when I arrived, but her parents' home,  has a cemetery for all their animals. I had so much fun taking pictures of the kids in there! So perfect for the month of October. The kids were so excited about the special treats they got to enjoy too! 

Lot's of hugs for mom and dad!

                                     I love this shot of Bebel, in the cemetery!

                              What a handsome little guys Kai is! Just so darling!
                                                        Bebel's eyes are beautiful!
                                                            Bebel's favorite doll!
And the KISS!

                Bebel was wearing her mommy's coat, from when she was a little girl! How sweet!

Thank you so much Cadu and Jennifer! I hope you love your pictures! This was so much fun for me!

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