The Dankemeyer Family

Last weekend, I had the privilege of shooting my friends', the Dankemeyer family! They just welcomed twins into their family last spring, Addilyn Faith and Emelia Grace! Adorable!
                                  Big brother Dillon, will be turning three this month. What can be better than sitting
            with daddy, enjoying a lollipop, even if that is an old worn out mattress I had them sitting on?

                                            I love this one of daddy and son, taking a walk!

                                                  The twins, Addi and Emma are eight months old!

                                                   Mommy and Daddy swinging their boy!

 Okay, I could not stop laughing over these photos. Look at Dillon's face! So miserable but so cute!
 Dillon, giving his sister Emma, a huge hug! Amazing his expression from one photo to the next!
                And this one is just priceless! Addie, is in her own world munching on a leaf or two!

           Thank you Nikki and Justin, for allowing me to shoot your adorably cute family!                                                                              

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