Mom and Daughter, Laura and Sage.....

Laura contacted me about doing a shoot of her and her sweet, sweet daughter Sage!
We had so much fun during this shoot, and the girls were open to anything! I love these first shots, because it makes me think of WINTER!!!!!!
                      How cute do they look with their hats! I love it! Make me think of hot cocoa, and
                                           snuggling by the fireplace. I don't know why.

         I love this picture of Sage on the bridge! Sage loves to act, and has a role with Prescott Fine Arts.

                                Piper, their cute dog, came along for the photo shoot too!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Laura and Sage! I hope you love your photos! And Sage, I look forward to your 18th Birthday, when we can go to the Dr. Oz show to celebrate you, and eat some yummy cake from The Cake Boss! :)

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